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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I want to order?

You can place an order through our website, over the phone, in person or through our app to get your munching on.

Can I order by phone?

Yes you can!! Please call or text us at 769-610-0883 to place your order.

I have questions about the product or want to change (color, size, price ...) what to do?

Please contact us using the form above before or after placing your order. We are here to help you!!

Why did I receive a cancellation / out of stock notification after I successfully placed an order?

We update our inventory twice a week so item stock may vary. We DO NOT have control over walmart or any other stores we deliver from inventory but we will do our best to support your snacking needs!!

What we are doing to keep you safe and healthy?

Our team is a safe, clean and effecient enviroment we treat you as we treat our own and your trust is our #1 priority. If you have anymore questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

I want to cancel my order?

You have within 24 hours to cancel your order for shipped products but you have until before we pick up your delivery order to cancel. Restocking/Service fee may apply!! If order has been picked up and you decide to cancel we will keep the delivery/service fee!! Please review the refund policy for more details

What forms of payment does the shop have?

We accept many forms of payment like visa, mastercard, discover, apple pay, google pay, amazon pay, cashapp, cash and AMEX. We accept 4 different curriencies. 

How can I change my payment method for an order?

Contact us immediatley or try to change on the order status page.

Card payment error?

Your card information doesn't match your bank records or your bank is declining the charge. Please try another payment or contact your bank for more details concerning your card.

How to use discount codes?

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How to check order status?

Sign in to your account to review your orders or checked your email for order updates.

How is shipping/delivery fee calculated?

Shipping is calcuated by what are you getting, the weight of it and how far we got to ship it. Delivery fee is based on your subtotal anyhting below $10 delivery fee is $4.65 anything over $10 is $3.99.

What Areas do we deliver in?

We are continuing to grow and hire more drivers to deliver in your area. We ask you to remain pattient as we are trying our best to serve you. We are delivering in the southhaven, jackson, byram and clinton area as of right now.

What are your hour of operation?


Where can I find the "Munchiezz" app?

Our app is now available on the app store and google play. Just search up munchiezz it should be the first one.

Is this a scam?

Scam? Here at munchiezz we do not know the word scam matter of fact that is considered a bad word. Scamming is illegal but rest assured we aren't here to scam but to offer you an new service here in mississippi. Trust comes from somewhere and we ask you to put that trust in us as we continue to grow and expand. Our payments are securely proccessed through stripe/shopify. We offer many payment forms and convient ways to order. Just check our reviews under products, on trustpilot and on our social media accounts. Also look at our order count at the very top or even search us up on google we are an legit business here to serve you!!

What is Munchiezz?

We are an snack delivery service offering many different healthy/exotic/snack foods, beverages, OTC meds, household products, merch, Mississippi seller items, different services and many more!! We are an proud startup company so please show us some support and love by ordering products and sharing our business on your social media!! Need any help or have any questions please feel free to contact us!!

What is the delivery timeframe?

Please allow up to 45 minutes after you place your order for us to pick up/deliver your order. Patience is key we will keep you updated throughout the process we will do our best to deliver to you on time!! Please take into account traffic, lines, car and also unforseen problems.